Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Still here, I think. Blog repair

Having this wonderful blog site has been a boon to my ability to express myself and be in contact with others at any time, day or night. From close to home here in Western Michigan to Johannesburg in Southern Africa across the world again to Ukraine and off to the wilds of Australia, Alice Springs actually. With friends from my school years spread from New York to Hawaii to Alaska and most states in between this blog has been an excellent lightning rod of attraction and regular contact. Honing my ameteuristic writing skills, receiving constructive, and sometimes not so constructive criticism and bouncing ideas back and forth all at the same time. This incredible to me, medium of communication wasn't even thought of only a few decades ago.

All that being said, I am a person of little change when it comes to electronic wonders. That's why changing the settings on this blog site is so very intimidating. So far so good though. I made some adjustments yesterday and the computer is not smoking and from what I can tell amnesiawriter is still being published. So, on to a couple more changes. Ooh, even the thought of change gives me the creeps. SeeYaLater.....................I hope.

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Joe Cramer said...

When I had completed this posting, I clicked on the publish icon.....Nothing! I clicked again and again...............Nothing! Oh shoot!.............I got up, walked around, looked out the window, enjoyed the desaigns the rain was making as it made mini volcano like eruptions in the puddles as it fell. stretched my legs, sat down and clicked the publish icon again, this time with conviction and confidence..........Nothing! Just for a second or two though and then it signed that the posting was published. Another day, another adventure without total and complete anialation of teh Amnesiawriter blog site. Success is sweet isn't it?

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