Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Those rules again

As far as being a big time author is concerned I am probably pretty small potatoes. A few magazine articles, a how to manual and one, not very well promoted book. Although I do feel that copies sold being over 2000 may stand for something. Writing has been quite a multi faceted experience: feelings of inadequacy, exultation, short lived megalomania, humility, gratitude, accomplishment, disappointment, frustration and joy all wrapped up in one project. One part of it that has been and is now especially trying is any dependency on someone else. Be it a writing coach, publisher, editor or, as it is at this particular time an artist. I have several different writing initiatives going right now and most of them require art work of one degree to another and they are just not getting the attention I was led to believe they would. It doesn't seem to matter whether they are professional or amateur either. I do know what the problem is though: Me!

From the very beginning of my writing career I was told and read through research that there are rules to be followed. In my lifetime I have been a bit of a rogue when it comes to what I felt were meaningless, silly rules. I think I related them to some type of aristocratic dynasty keeping the common people out of their little circle. I've been subjected to and resisted that controlling attitude because I felt it interfered with the growth of free thought. I've found that in many situations I was dead wrong about the reasoning behind the rules. #1 I was being the judge and jury in determining which was a valid rule and which was not. #2 I failed to realize that rules are a necessary part of writing as much as driving a car or building a pyramid. One mistake and it's all over. I'm trying to learn the rules better.

What does hiring an artist got to do with the rules? Evidently I have a lot to learn on that because in almost every case it has wound up in disaster, disappointment, unexplained delay and the job not getting done on time to meet the publishing deadline. My folks used to call it: Getting all of my ducks in a row first! That was rule #1 with them. So I am going back to the very beginning and attempting to get all of my ducks in a row before the next deadline. Some of us take longer to learn than others don't we? Another thing my folks used to say: Better late than never!

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