Saturday, September 10, 2011

An author's happy moment

You know what fun is for an author? Going to the UPS store and sending off 17 copies of your book to people all, over the country. I was pleasantly surprised over the past week by that many requests for Joe"s Story: The Book of a Lifetime. The reason behind it I found out was that a visitor that made a book purchase recently is a involved in a reading club of some sort, his opinion got around to the other members and all of a sudden I'm at the UPS store filling orders. I love book clubs! There is a book reviewer named Redfeather that read Joe's Story a few years back and placed a review on the Amazon book store. Within just a few weeks I went through my entire stash here at my office and had to order more to complete the orders. Yeah, I love book clubs! Being an author has some very fun moments. I am looking forward to my book tour and hopefully throw in a few speaking engagements along the way.

In the preperations concerning my trip around Lake Michigan I hope to accumulate individual stories of events involving the lake. Hopefully I can meet many of the people involved too. It's really an awesome lake and the stories about it are too many to count. The oceans are incredible I realize but so is our very own and special mini ocean, Lake Michigan. Less the sharks, seals, urchins and whales of course. But then again that makes it way easier to take the family for a swim on a sunny day. I'd like to collect and catalog some of those family and personal stories so even those that haven't seen Lake Michigan can realize, from family picnics to ship wrecks the beauty and mystery of it. Maybe it will kick someone in the pants that can do something to stop the invasive species that are changing it's wonders. I'm not particularly looking forward to seeing fish flying everywhere and jumping into my boat.

Happy is the day when the mail is opened and another request for Joe's Story: The Book of a Lifetime greets my wondering eyes. Oh, happy day!.................Joe

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