Friday, September 9, 2011

Planning is confusing

I'm not one much for planning anything other than what is absolutely necessary. I wear so many hats I've grown accustomed to dealing with whatever I am faced with at the moment. It's taught me to trust my instincts and forge ahead no matter what. I'd say that it's worked so far because I'm still here and have life, business, and family still intact. I've accomplished pretty much what I've wanted to. So far, so good, as they say. My approach to some things is changing though and the response I hear from some of those people close to me is rather surprising. Over my lifetime I've been advised to make plans by a lot of people I admire. Now I'm making some plans and some of those same people are acting like I'm just a little bit wacky for doing so. Examples:

I'm writing, planning on writing several stories and publishing at least one more book.
I'm planning a bicycle trip around Lake Michigan.
I'm planning a bicycle trip across the United States and maybe back.
I'm planning a book tour and several talks on CO Poisoning dangers.
I'm planning the possibility of rebuilding another classic car.
I'm enjoy working and plan to for many more years and have no immediate plans or need or desire to retire.

Some of the advice I'm getting the past few months:

You work too much, slow down.
If you want to take a bicycle trip, you better take it now.
Don't waste your time writing, go on a cruise and enjoy yourself instead.
You don't want to tackle rebuilding a car, it's too much work.
Your book has been in print for four years, it's too late for a book tour.
You really should retire while you still have the time and health to enjoy it.

I don't plan and I should have. I start to plan and I shouldn't. I just can't seem to win here. I guess I should have planned on not planning. I'm so confused. :) But I'm still planning on doing all those things to the best of my ability and have a heck of a lot of fun doing them.

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