Thursday, September 8, 2011

Dumb question

When you get a bunch of guys together you are just never quite sure in which direction the conversation will travel. Add to that the fact that some guys sort of embellish certain subject matter and we find ourselves questioning almost everything that is discussed. Being a guy is interesting enough but it really becomes enjoyable when a bunch of us get together to solve the mysteries of the world. My dad used to say that young boys destroy things in order to find out how they tick and they can build better ones when they grow up. I believe there is at least some truth to that statement. Also, I've found that there remains a bit of young boy in us as we grow older because we continue to question most things before embarking on a plan. Phew!

The conversation I was involved in over the weekend began simple enough. The usual greetings and salutations along with a few jokes and friendly ribbing before attacking more intellectual subjects. Someone mentioned Libya and the rebels taking over the country by force and how it was such a different approach than it was in Egypt and the increased toll in human life. (A little earlier as a group we had prayed for resolution and healing.) One thing led to another and it became obvious that we had some disagreement as to the right and wrong ways of revolution and then the American revolution, civil war, Russian revolution and the Indian fight for Independence were added to the mix as well. It wasn't long before differing ideas were being pelted back and forth like snowballs. I could see that this was going to be fun. I just sat back and listened. For the most part there were far more knowledgeable guys speaking than I. Spirited, would be a pretty fair evaluation of the situation. Finally I asked a question concerning the rebels in most all of those events. "What is the difference between revolutionary rebels and vigilantes?" No one knew. Boy, did I ever feel like a wet blanket. I thought it was a legitimate question but the others agreed that vigilantes weren't even in the same classification as rebels. Hmmm! I was just asking. Now I'm writing about it because my writing coach said to write about everything. I hope it accomplished something and I'm not just being a vigilante.

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