Friday, March 11, 2011

Kindle and Google books announcement

Joe's Story: The Book of a Lifetime is now available on Amazon Kindle and Google Ebooks. Is that cool or what? I received an email last night from a new fan in Arizona telling me about how easily he could read it on his screen. He also rubbed it in that he was sitting on his back porch in 70* temperatures as opposed to the 30 some degrees here in Michigan. That was fun to hear. I knew it was coming but wasn't exactly sure when. Such is the life of a new author. Each day brings a new experience.

Question: What percentage of the United States coast line is in Alaska?

Another question: How many supervisors does it take to dig a hole?

Still another question: Can an adult actually lick their elbow?

Last question: What does a peach taste like when you rub your finger on an onion and then hold it under your nose.

One of the reasons I enjoy unusual questions and their answers is it reminds me that things are not always what they seem in the beginning. Also, some things remain the same no matter what.

I visited the grandfather of an old friend the other day, he is getting on in age rather well and lives by himself in a home not far from the city. Our conversation went well except for one peculiar thing of note. He kept mentioning how pleased he was with his choice of socks that day and showed them to me every time. At least I thought that was peculiar. Wouldn't you? Or, maybe it's just me.

Remember to send this website to everyone you know and like. OK, you can send it to those you don't like too. I'd appreciate it.............

Joe's Story really is the book of a lifetime.

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