Thursday, March 10, 2011

Birds, Jesus and onions

"Joe's Story: The Book of a Lifetime," has a lot of good stuff in it for an inquisitive mind. All through my life I've been interested in questions that required some research. It was during the researching of one question that I found the answers to dozens of other questions which led to still other questions and answers. At one time in my preteen youth I read every word in the family dictionary and in my early teens poured over every volume of the Colliers Encyclopedia my folks just bought. My favorite printing of books was the "My Book House" collection that came free with the encyclopedias. If asked to remember what I read I couldn't begin to tell you. It didn't make me any smarter either. I do not have a photographic memory. I've read the bible cover to cover at least 5 times. I can't give you a single chapter and verse like so many others I've heard. What all that reading did was give me a thing called recall. Recall gives me a foundation to learn whatever I have to learn at the time very easily. The reason is probably that the reading of all those pages gave me a sense of wonder and purpose in this world, even for the seemingly trivial. My latest questions are these:

Do Hummingbirds really migrate South by slipping under the feathers of Geese?

Does the vortex of a flushed toilet really spin in different directions depending on which side of the equator you are on? Secondary Question- If so, which way does it spin on the equator itself?

Does all lightning go from cloud to ground or does it sometimes go from ground to cloud?

What is Gin flavored with? Secondary question-What taste is Vodka? Thirdindary question-Do onions really have a taste when you take the smell away?

Was the first real newspaper written in German of French or maybe Greek?

Was the first American newspaper printed in 1690 or 1704?

What language did Jesus speak: Greek, Aramaic or Hebrew?

Does a baseball warp when thrown by a professional pitcher?

As you can plainly see, my curiosity knows no bounds or particular signs of relativity. It helps that education is free from all sorts of medias. Tell everyone you know about Joe's Story, then we can all join the fun of learning interesting stuff can't we?

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