Sunday, March 6, 2011

Best book of the year

Joe's Story: The Book of a Lifetime, I was told recently, is the best book of the year they have read by members of a reading club. I felt quite honored because they read only non-fiction and mostly by well known authors. Yours truly, Joseph A. Cramer with several published articles and a couple of books under his belt hasn't been living under a rock all these years but on the other hand, there are no statues of me placed in any central parks either. To receive a compliment of that caliber from a group of about 25 critics was a real treat.

I had a great time listening to the discussion of Joe's Story at the weekly meeting and enjoyed answering their questions. The "Squirmy Worm Book Club" is a fun group to be with. They heard about Joe's Story through a news article concerning the 30th annual Silver treasure hunt, got their copies through and journeyed by the written word with me through life. They voted it the best book they had read all year and invited me to join them for coffee. Complimentary for the most part some of them did question my reasoning behind leaving grammatical and misspelling errors in the printing of the book. My answer is always that when my memory came back after 2 years of amnesia I was more aware of the imperfections we all have. I felt a perfectly written book would not be a true and honest rendering of my life. I explained that I totally understand there are professional book reviewers that will not go beyond the errors. It is their job to protect the purity of literature. It was my job to write it the way I remembered it, errors and all. I am imperfect, that's what the story is all about: Going beyond imperfections and doing what you can to survive.

Every day brings a new experience since Joe's Story was first published. No matter the hurdles they said, I need to promote and market Joe's Story in any way I can. "There is a wonderful story here. The best book we've read all year." I'm trying to do just that. I'd appreciate you're help getting the word out to everyone you know that loves a good story. Once you read Joe's Story, in a very good way part of it will be with you the rest of your life. There isn't anything wrong with good stuff. click on and check it out. You can help by placeing the books name, "Joe's Story: The Book of a Lifetime" in any subject line on every social network you can. It doesn't cost you a dime and I believe it will help a lot of people find a good read.

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