Saturday, February 5, 2011

Treasure hunt goes on

Joe Cramer's Annual Sliver Treasure Hunt to bring awareness of the danger of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning has been going on for 30 years now. This game has many times brought interesting tales of how the medallion was discovered. I'm sure this year will not be an exception to that tradition. Although it has not been found yet there are hundreds of people that I am sure could have breathed on it as well as hundreds who are not within 5 miles of it's location. It's never really an obvious quest. I cannot comment on which group you belong to of course. Another situation that sometimes presents itself is that the medallion may become dislodged by an exuberant player or natural circumstance. If it remains in the approximate location the medallion is still considered in play and I take no action whatsoever.

because I am a faithful record keeper I have reams of information from times past. During the recent storm I looked back at the year 1980, the year this treasure hunt started. My goodness, things have changed. Because changes usually take place over a long period of time they often go unnoticed for quite a while. But I'd like to point some out just for comparison because some people have been chasing the medallion for two and maybe three generations now.

In 1980
Average cost of a new car-$7,200.00
Gallon of gas-$1.19
Dow Jones Industrial average- 963
Interest rates- 21.5%
Inflation- 13.5%
Average hourly wage- $8.23

Ron Reagan elected president
John Lennon was shot to death
PacMan game was released
3M begins selling their newest product..........Post-It notes
Fax machines and cam corders become available
Jessica Simpson is born(but we didn't really care for many years)
Two popular movies were "Nine to Five and Superman ll"

There was no Internet or world wide web or home computers to use them. No cell phones! There were no Asian Carp in United States waters. The economy was spiraling into a deep recession.

A lot of water has gone over the falls over the past 30 years but one thing has not changed. Tens of thousands of us from around the world still enjoy a challenging, free game. Still having fun after 30 years. Today it's in the snow. Good luck to all!

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