Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Game clue

In this area of Greater Grand Rapids and far beyond we are about to get hit with the snow storm of the year, perhaps of the decade. Batten down the hatches and stock up with chicken soup, good books, a copy of the riddle, rules and clues. This just may be the time to figure it out and be this years winner.

Clue #3 for the 30the annual Silver treasure hunt:

"Some do a pretty good job of looking. But, the prize goes to the one who longs for it too. Looking and longing make this game work."

If you are physically looking for the medallion you are one of thousands vying for the prize same as in years past. So, if you meet up with others don't be surprised or discouraged. Remember last year? A lady waited around until others had looked and looked. Finally she walked up, felt in the post with her hand, retrieved the medallion and won. Right where hoards of treasure seekers had been for over a month. Good Luck! Keep the faith! It has not been found as of this writing.............Joe

For more information go to Greg's site www.wyomingriddler.com


Aaron said...

Hi Joe,

Would you consider half a mile to be within walking distance?


Joe Cramer said...

Hi Aaron,
I feel that within one mile is reasonable walking distance from a bus stop. Good luck!....

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