Friday, February 4, 2011

The winter storms vs. global warming

Weather is a huge topic yet again today. Cold, snow, ice, winds and freezing rain are scattered all across the country. Residents in Phoenix Arizona are wearing coats for heaven's sake. What's going on? According to a group of expert weather and atmosphere watching type people: It's all due to global warming. Umm, I think I'm just a little bit confused with that. But, of course they have studied everything and what they say must be true. Well, except for all those really smart research people that doctored up the facts over the past two decades to vindicate their own personal agendas.

When I was in the fourth grade sitting in class looking out the window at the falling snow one cold winters day my mind wandered a bit. The teacher had been focusing on a history lesson regarding some of the worlds greatest leaders. I have no explanation of where the thought came from but the question crossed my mind: "What if everybody that wrote our books lied?" I was only ten at the time. It was a very disturbing idea. Thankfully the lunch break bell rang and lunch was followed by a lot of playing in the snow for the next half hour or so. When class began again I was ready to get back to the study plan of the day. That question popped into my mind from time to time after that but I didn't put much thought into it. I thought it was too silly to talk to adults about. I'm sure they would have laughed at me. Isn't it funny how such ridiculous thoughts can go through the mind of a child?

Meanwhile, I guess all this global warming stuff is way over my head. I guess its only warming in the arctic regions today. Yeah, that's why I'm so confused.

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