Monday, February 7, 2011

Super bowl is over

Super Bowl winners: Green Bay and their fans. Football is over until the end of summer. It was a fitting finish to an interesting year filled with goofs from the officials. They are not alone. The most notable issues were:

400 fans paid big money for legitimate seats but got to watch on TV screen outside the stadium.(it started with 1200 but it got whittled down to 400 eventually)

The jet fly over was virtually meaningless. That stadium has an enclosed roof you know. Nobody could see it.

Its happened before but the words of the national anthem got messed up again. A couple times. At least she didn't grab her crotch and spit like Rosanne Barr did a while back.

A good game but the contributing factor of the win was the amount of mistakes by the losing team. They were both great teams. The one making the least mistakes won.

All those high paid athletes and entertainers, after all is said and done are simply human just like me. However, their talents are incredible and priceless and I enjoyed the game, and the taco salad, and the cheese and crackers, and the peanut butter cookies, and the wrapped green onions, and the marshmallow cups and the deviled eggs.

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