Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Game winner 30th annual treasure hunt

I spoke too soon this morning. The medallion was found by Mike Chesebro and returned to me this morning February 8th 2011. This is his 7th year of intense searching and it finally paid off. He prevailed amongst thousands of hopeful treasure seakers. It was found on Fairview Street just East of Pine Street in the city of Grandville in a spot where hundreds of others had already been looking. Including some sort of animal.

More information will follow as soon as all the other arrangements are made...................Joe


Aaron said...

Hey Joe,

I dug out the snow around the Fairview and Pine sign last Thursday and came up empty handed. Where exactly on Fairview was it, the fire-hydrant?

Well thanks for a great hunt this year!


Joe Cramer said...

That's exactly where it was Aaron. Tucked into a crevice on the underside. However, it became dislodged somehow and laid on the ground about 18 inces to the East of it. There were plenty of signs of animal actiity there too. The string was jagged as if chewed and there were scratch marks on the medallion resembling teeth marks. It's all part of the game. I'll write more in a while after things calm down around here. Thanks for participating. I'm glad to hear you had a good time. It's all about remembering the danger of CO poisoning.........Joe

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