Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The game goes on.

The amount of snow cover in this area right now is definitely having an affect on this years Silver Treasure Hunt. Every day people stop in with frozen fingers and toes asking if the medallion has been turned in. "No! It hasn't." At this place in time it sits in the frozen white stuff awaiting the hunter that is persistent enough to uncover it.

I remind you the medallion is oval shaped, made of aluminum, approximately 3in long, 2in wide and about an eighth inch thick. It has identifying marks. It could be bent or twisted into an odd shape but still very much identifiable.

I don't give hints to anyone! But, some methods are obvious. The bigger the shovel, the less chance of finding it. Be thorough, the medallion may have become covered by grass, leaves or snow or perhaps dislodged and moved, it is still in play. Of many that find the spot, there is only one medallion, one winner.

Thousands are looking. The treasure can be yours, if you persist. Even if someone was there before you............Good Luck!...................Joe

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