Wednesday, August 18, 2010


There is a government backed home financing plan designed for low income people with bad credit. "Income to low? Credit too bad? Come to us, we have a loan for you." The ad says. I have an acquaintance that qualifies under those exact conditions and has had a steady job for over 13 years. He followed the instructions and excitedly applied for a loan. "Sorry, your income is too low and your credit score is bad." He was told. What did I miss here.

"50 inch Plasma TV for only $300 while supply lasts. One day only! Full financing, 0% interest, no payments for 3 years. No rain checks! (Other conditions may apply, qualified people only.)" I went to the store at opening time in the morning, the stock hadn't arrived yet. I returned at noon, the stock hadn't arrived yet. I returned at 5 minutes to 5 just before they closed. The shipment had still not arrived. I waited until 5 and asked again. "Sorry, they were sold out!" They said. The manager said the sale was chain wide and the other stores had sold the entire shipment before it arrived there, which was the last store on the route. I guess I missed something there too.

"Brand new, 2010 model X-car. $12,000 to new buyers only. 6 year financing plan at only 0.4% interest to qualified buyers. 0 down and $122 per month." Something was printed at the bottom of the ad but it was so small I couldn't read it. I wanted a new car, any kind of car, I could afford $122 a month. I could care less if it didn't have a radio or air conditioning. Once again I struck out. At 9am when they opened the doors they were already sold out of the new ones and all that was left was factory official cars with 20,000 miles on them. Although they hadn't been titled and were still considered new and part of the sale. The official cars also had a long list of extra accessories too: Air conditioning, sun roof, 1000 amp radio, dvd, cd, phone, gps and sattelite communication device, heated seats and mirrors, special order alloy wheels, winter trak all wheel drive, a super high output 6 cylinder engine with a supercharger, super soft leather seats, rustproofing, paint protection, fabric protector, leather protector and windshield rain coating. The final price? $23,453. I didn't ask about the payments after they asked about proof of the birth of my first born son. I guess the fine print must have described all of that.

I do like the advertising though. It got me out of the house..........................Joe

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