Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Electronic radio waves, where do they go?

Some guy is traveling back into the Amazon forest to find out how electronic communication affects our brain. Wouldn't it be something to get paid for looking around the Amazon? However, the inference here is that somehow electronics affect us. Most scientists have debunked that theory since they were developed. Why the rush to research electronics now? Anyone in the past that said they got sick or were affected in other ways was accused of being a little off in the head and just imagining it all. Now the scientists have decided to take a second look. How come?

I've spoken in depth with a guy that had a whole bunch of questions concerning electronic transmissions. He called them electric and radio waves. His first question was: Where do the waves go that don't get caught by a radio? His answer: They get caught everywhere, just like water being absorbed by the ground. He figured that all electric sent into the air affected whatever they landed on. "Look at what happens when you send out radar waves, they are electric, you can melt a candy bar, light a light bulb or look right into a real person. "What makes any other radio wave any less powerful?" He asks. Kind of makes you wonder doesn't it?

For decades some farmers have said that they get less milk from their cows because of the high voltage wires running across or next to their farms. "Bologna!" Say the scientists. Yet, if we go near those wires, even without touching them we could be injured or killed just by getting too close. Hmmm!

So now since a scientist is going somewhere to study the affects of electronic stuff I'm guessing the scientific world is thinking it might be time to take another look at what this guy told me. Or, are they just finding a way to save face after their resounding denials of what may be the truth. Radio waves travel hundreds of thousands of miles through space, until they hit something. Next time you send a text message or make a phone call think about what happens to it. What if it hits something besides your recipients phone? What if it hits a bird....or a cow?

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