Sunday, August 15, 2010

President Obama and the mosque

President Obama speaks out concerning building a Mosque at or near ground zero.

Insensitivity seems to be rampant on the political scene lately. In the hopes of setting themselves up as leaders of the free world, politicians make, what they think to be monumental statements regarding the freedoms set forth in our constitution. Sometimes they appear to get it right, sometimes not. Sometimes it's not a matter of right or wrong, it just depends upon which side of the opinion you are on. It's rather befuddling to say the least. Politics, I thought were a process of negotiation to achieve some type of acceptable middle middle ground on subjects of importance to the local or national concerns. Suddenly it's a method for dictating moral judgement. I'll pass if you don't mind.

With all due respect to the office of President of the United States, I will not allow Mr. Obama to be my moral compass. I do not feel that it is our moral, ethical or legal responsibility to allow a Mosque to be built on or near ground Zero where a terrorist act was committed against thousands of innocents by a radical group of murderous Muslims. I fail to see the importance of building the Mosque there. I do see it as a sign of disdain toward our rights when it comes to freedom. A slap in the face. A sign of degradation. History has shown that those wishing to destroy a free country simply need to use their precious freedoms against them and they will destroy themselves.

"Muslims are a religious group of freedom loving and peaceful people. The terrorist acts are performed by a small radical faction. This Mosque at ground zero will be a sign of peace."

"Nazi's are a peace loving, religious group of people. The murderous acts of the war were committed by only a small radical segment of that group. They should be able to build a Nazi meeting hall next the the Holocaust museum as a sign of respect."

"The K.K.K. is a group of God fearing, loving, peaceful people. Just a misguided few of them liked to hang certain people they didn't like. They should be able to build a K.K.K. memorial in downtown Harlem."

We should take a lesson from the Sunnies and the Shiite Muslim groups. Just build next to each other and everyone will "all get along together." At least after all the suicide terrorists blow themselves up along with the rest of the population. Are they wanting to build a mosque to promote peace? Or, is it a sign of conquest? To the victor go the spoils and the right to record history.

No Thank you Mr. President! I don't think you thought this one out. I disagree! I still have that right, at least for now.......Joe

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