Monday, September 6, 2010

May September marriage

He's 70, she's 55. He's retired, she's in the middle of her career climb. He's a little flabby, she's tight as a drum. She wants him to shape up a bit so they go to a spa/gym and work out four times a week. He drives a deluxe minivan, she drives an Audi A8. He wants to live on a hobby horse farm somewhere in the rural countryside. She wants to buy a condo in an exclusive downtown high rise with all the amenities near theatres and museums and the arts. He likes barn dances, she likes ballroom dancing. They were married a few days ago and are now on a two month honeymoon. One month in Europe, one month in the Australian outback. They are finding a way to put their lives together in the best possible way by sharing each others likes and dislikes to find a happy medium. They feel they were made for each other.

The kicker is this. It's actually her that is 70, he is that 55. He likes the city, she is a country girl. They met at her daughter's wedding and have been almost inseparable over the past year and a half so they decided to tie the knot for ever and ever. An enjoyable couple to know. So upbeat and adventurous. The reception was held in a barn with two bands, one a little bit country and the other dealt out a steady stream of chamber music. I guess we can all learn something from them. Time will tell just what it is. Just thought I'd share their situation with you. We all live in our own situations with little hurdles to overcome. Sometimes it breaks the mold to hear about others doesn't it? Kind of like a minny mental vacation from ourselves...........Joe

(I wonder if they plan on starting a family?)

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