Friday, September 10, 2010

Almost laughable

If this wasn't such a divisive subject, this Koran (Quran) burning by the pastor of a small church would be almost laughable. He's got the right, in this country anyway to express his views in a non-violent way with the beliefs as set forth in the Muslim holy book. Burning a book is one way to do that even though it's just a book. Kind of like when we kick the door when it hits us on the nose or the flat tire on a car. Yeah right, the fault lies completely with the inanimate object doesn't it? The door did it on purpose. The tire was simply waiting it's chance to go flat. Now we have a pastor burning a book to teach it a lesson about what, I'm sure I don't quite know.

Now, front and center comes an imam who says a mosque won't be built near ground zero if the book isn't burned, then the pastor says he won't burn the book. Then some other imam says the mosque will be built anyway and the whole thing starts over again and the pastor's little firestorm is back on. The pastor says what the book teaches is evil. The imam says his religion is a religion of peace. The pastor is going to burn the book peacefully. An imam will call for a peaceful holy war. The Muslims that want to build a mosque near ground zero say the pastor is being insensitive. The pastor says look who's talking.

I think they all ought to sit down and have a beer as one local elected official did with two other people that disagreed. Once again the words of folk hero Rodney King ring out, "Can't we all just get along?" Yup! If this wasn't so serious a subject it just might be laughable...............Joe

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