Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Executive booby

I'm the first to say that my vocabulary isn't all encompassing. My ability to communicate is excellent. However, occasionally I must look up a word in order to grasp the complete meaning of a word. Proper spelling can be a challenge even with spell check on the computer. Especially with e before i, its and it's, affect, effect and double letter composition. I make it through though. For the most part I understand what I hear and read. When I write, I write slowly, constantly checking and what is on the screen before me. It's seldom perfect but I feel we all pretty much know what I mean on any particular subject. I'm not the only one with problems.

In reading up on what is happening in the financial markets around the world I ran across a comment on executive bonuses, in particular upper management bonuses of financial and other banking institutions. I found a spelling error. When she said that a CEO received a 1.8 million dollar bonus, she spelled bonus, "booby." The same misspelling occurred throughout the article. So much for spell check huh?:...... While such and such a bank was operating on funds received from the tax payers of the United States, the CEO, such and such received 1.8 million dollars in booby compensation. When questioned, the CEO responded that he had no choice because of the generally accepted standard booby trap of compensatory procedure of that industry. Booby's were the norm.! Everyone gets one............The article gave no apology or explanation regarding the spelling error.

Awareness of my challenges concerning issues of spelling requires a dictionary ever at my side. I looked this booby thing up. Here is what I found.: ...

(What it should have been)
Bonus-something given for higher productivity
(What it was)
Booby-A stupid or childish person.
Regarding the trap thing
Booby trap-concealed or camouflaged so as to catch the intended victim off guard.

With that in mind, I feel that it may be a good idea to inform the writer of her mistake. Can you imagine how embarrassed she would feel if this mistake remains as is? Us writers have to stick together you know............................Joe

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