Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Looking for a child's book publisher

I am looking for a publisher. I have written a short story about Christmas. I submitted it "exclusively' to local publisher almost 6 months ago. They were very interested, however they have changed their format and have gone to a specific genre' which no longer includes children's stories. Its a shame because the details were already in the mix for sale and distribution for the upcoming Christmas season of 2010. Back to the old drawing board. Their comment was: This is a wonderful story and deserves to be published. Regrettably, we cannot waver from our primary mission and must decline as your publisher. We encourage you to submit with another publisher of your choice as soon as possible.

I am disappointed to be sure. I am not deterred. I will be submitting it as soon as possible. Because I was so sure they would publish it I neglected to pursue other avenues. If you know of a legitimate children's book publisher of integrity I'd certainly appreciate the input. It truly is a memorable story.


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