Thursday, March 25, 2010

The road to getting published

Well, I may have been remiss in putting all my eggs in one basket by submitting my children's story to only one publisher, I am finding out that is not the case with so many other writers. The amount of publishing suggestions is phenomenal. Thank you to everyone!

First of all, I had no idea that self publishing was so popular. I was aware it existed because I self published a booklet concerning salesmanship about 35 years ago. There were a couple of reasons. One: I didn't want some editor to look it over and mess with my self esteem by critiquing my writing ability. It was my first book and I felt vulnerable. Two: after the writing was complete I just couldn't wait to see it in print. I think that's called vanity. Three: Self publishing was easy. I had little time to go through all the necessary hoops required by standard publishers. The booklet did ok by my standards. Thanks to a friend in the printing business we got a few thousand printed up and on the stands for sale through a national distributor. Sales were excellent but I made a mistake by pricing it too low and failed to make a profit. I still have a few dozen copies as a memento. It was a real earning experience. Self publishing has its place. However, at this point it is my opinion that an established publisher has the resources and know how to put together a program for a book with real potential. Their guidelines and requirements are there for a reason: Sales! Not vanity, not speed, and not to salve a vulnerable writers ego. A publisher knows how to sell books. That's why they are so important to good writers.

I'm still looking for that publisher. Stay tuned. I am on a mission..................Joe

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