Saturday, January 4, 2014

Enough already

The Internet is an incredible opportunity for learning. It has tremendous social contact capabilities too. with the touch of a key a message can be sent across the country or even the world. Couple of drawbacks if you are not careful though. Once you touch that key, whatever it is that you sent is there forever. It is obvious to all of us that there are those folks who forget that with regularity. There are consequences. There is one aspect of this whole system that I've just about had enough of though. Some folks, whom know me only slightly, if at all insist on sending me radical and often insulting articles, cartoons and billboards which are in direct opposition to me personal beliefs. I have close friends with whom I communicate regularly and we give each other permission as close friends to share things that others may find not to their liking. But that's what being friends is all about isn't it? We know each other and where we are coming from. Then comes along someone that, for whatever reason somehow believes that some sort of hateful, derogatory, propaganda stuff will change my conservative mind. A mutually respectful exchange of differing ideas is always welcome, interest and time allowing but holy cow! Enough already with the "anti anyone not agreeing with you" baloney. Jeez Louise! I may not be a member of the Mensa society but I have been able to think for myself for many years now. Share that stuff with your own, close friends. I have so many other things to do than delete that crap but I assure you I will continue to do so with intense regularity.

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