Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Years resolutions

Happy New Year!

The new year is often a time many of us choose to change our lives for the better by taking on something good and/or healthy. Sometimes it takes on the challenge of giving up a habit or lifestyle choice that is somehow interfering with our quality of life or relationship with others. Some of my acquaintances have shared their goals with me and I wrote them down:

Giving up smoking.
Not tailgating the car in front.
Stop drinking Soda pop
Bathing more often
Using the treadmill he bought 4 years ago but never used yet.
Start seeing a psychiatrist
Start using the bus to get back and forth to work
Get hair plugs
Look up her ancestors as far back as possible
Apologize wherever possible to anyone they hurt in the past
Find God
Eat a live bug on purpose
Start saving money
Read more books
Go back and graduate from high school
Learn how to knit
Stop gambling
Buy an antenna and cancel cable TV

I hope every one sees some sort of success. We all need goals to experience a sense of achievement don't we? Resolutions are personal and we may not understand those of another person but if it helps us in the quest for better lives it bears merit. I wish you success and happiness in the new year.

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