Tuesday, January 7, 2014

33rd silver treassure riddle

The last riddle

"Perhaps riding a bicycle, perhaps not. But how he got there is important. He knew that, it changed a lot of things. If you are the first one to know, you'll find it. If you look that is."

Don't forget to use a map of the Greater Grand Rapids area.

Rules and news on Mlive.com and the Grand Rapids Press by Matt VendeBunte.

Happy hunting and Good luck!

Joe/AKA The Wyoming Riddler


Justin Noordhok said...

Went to check our spot today....someone had already been there with hot water and a shovel...sure hope they didn't beat us to it!

Justin Noordhok said...

On the WyomingRiddler.com the word he is capitalized in the phrase "how he got there." Is that a punctuation error, or should He be capitalized? Thanks!

Justin Noordhok said...

Nevermind Joe...Think we're all set...Hope to bring the Medallion to you soon!

Joe Cramer said...

Trying to cover all bases Justin. Greg does a pretty good job on the web site that he hosts. I'll let him know.

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