Monday, July 15, 2013

Zimmerman-Martin Case

The shooting of Trevon Martin by George Zimmerman was terrible and, most likely very avoidable. The Jury has reached a verdict in the State's charges and that particular trial is over. Regardless of how one feels about it either way, it's over and will not, accordingly to the laws of this land, be repeated. Federal charges or civil suits may be forthcoming but that is another part of our laws that will be dealt with by those involved. Now for what I'm seeing in all this totally apart from the legal proceedings. The news media and politicians acting in ways that should embarrass anyone with a grain of sense.

The news media, which is so very important to us as a means of getting pertinent information and aided by the right to free speech keeps us informed as well or better than any other country. However, in this instance I feel bombarded by opinion rather than information. And, in my opinion it is aimed at aggravating the situation by insulting everyone involved. "We are surprised that the demonstrations have been so calm!" One news reporter said.  "I find it difficult to believe there has been no bloodshed up to this point!" Said another. Huh? Sounds more like they are disappointed than surprised. We're dealing with intelligent people here. Trevon Martin's parents have been, in spite of their immense grief, calm, forthcoming and attentive to the proceedings without expressing any desire to seek revenge or threatening as much. One would believe from their actions that they will act in a lawful and civil manner. In spite of how painful this must feel. Why would the news media find others following the example of such courageous parents surprising?

Then come the politicians: "I hope that the fighting, rioting and injury is kept at a minimum!" That was one of our highest ranking elected officials and many, many others followed suit. While I'm at it, a couple religious figures were saying things along those same lines. Makes me wonder.

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