Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Staying cool in hot weather

According to the local weather report her in central Michigan we are beginning a heat wave. Three days or longer of over 90* temperatures and high humidity. Everything is relative isn't it? Meteorologists are warning everyone, particularly those of age to keep themselves cool in any way they can and drink lots of fluids. Unfortunately, they say to stay away from alcoholic beverages so there goes the fun part for many. But as far as the relative part, in the southern states the heat and humidity, although surely just as uncomfortable is simply a way of life in the Summertime. They manage to survive it and keep going. We can too, it's not so much the end of the world as we know it is it? I've survived hot and cool summers and lived to see the fall color explosion of a Michigan Fall.

My problem has always been that I don't much care for water. Water is great for us. I still don't care for it. I drank tea, soda, power drinks, cold and hot coffee, but if it was a surprising day if even one glass of water crossed my lips. Now I'm back to water. Gag or not, I've managed for the past month to choke down at least two quarts of water a day. I guess it's keeping me cool and hydrated like they advise. But the main ways I manage to stay cool in the hot weather are #1-simply not hiding from the heat. I just slow down a bit until I get used to it. #2- find shade when I can. #3- keep a deep pan of water somewhere so I can sit and soak  my feet for a while. (not the same water I drink though) #4- shower just before bed and I stay cool enough to get several hours sleep. I can deal with the heat much better when I am well rested. Are these good ideas? Are they enough to keep me from getting heat related health issues? Answer- So far, so good!

Stay cool............Joe

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