Monday, April 16, 2012

This'll help you sleep

Ever since I can remember there was a rule concerning gasoline and sources of sparks. I mean this was a serious rule. No matches, no electricity and even no wearing of glasses while working around gasoline because the sun might get magnified too  much and light off the stuff. Being kids we had to test the rule but by and large, after a small fire or two we decided it was a good rule. Now we fast forward to the technology of today.

Almost every automobile, van or truck that you drive that is powered by an internal combustion engine requiring gasoline as fuel has an "electric" fuel pump to get that gasoline into the firing chamber to make that vehicle go. Guess what? Those fancy electric gas pumps are most often installed inside the fuel tank.??????????? The rule is changed. I don't know how to figure it out any more. Once again I am behind the eight ball when it comes to new technology. I missed the part where it says electricity and gasoline aren't dangerous any more.

Just when this all came about I am not quite sure. Being of sound mind and body, as I became an adult I preferred not to put that rule to any sort of test. I was secure in the fact that if I put a spark to gasoline it'd go poof and I just may lose life or limb. I sort of like and enjoy having life and limbs. As far as I was concerned why mess with the status quo. Now I find I am doing it every day when I drive my trusty truck with an electric motor whirring away deep inside my gas tank. One loose connection, one bare wire, one simple electrical overload or short and I can see the back end of my truck heading to the moon.

One more chance to get out my trusty research hat and assure myself that I am safe from such a cataclysm of fireball devastation. The people that designed this ingenious method of gasoline dispensing also designed the Isetta's, Yugo's, Vega's and Many other short lived vehicles we bought at one time or another.  Now that makes us all sleep better doesn't it?

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