Thursday, April 19, 2012

Secret to happiness

Happiness, to many of us seems to be rather fleeting doesn't it? One day happy, the next day grumpy. That's the way it is due in no small part to the challenges of life and the ever complicated pursuit of the happiness syndrome. There is a small cross section of us though that somehow retain happiness far more often. Smiling, laughing, carrying on as if the world was a garden and filled with wondrous things to discover. They approach others with trust and a disarming openness that takes us off guard. Through good times and bad they usually maintain their aura of faith, hope and love. More often than not we find those qualities to be odd, react in disbelief and at the very least avoid those happy folks. "They are simple and Naive." We say. Nobody wants to be called simple or naive do they?

Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are said to be most admirable. They are also perceived to be difficult to attain and require massive amounts of energy and effort on our part. Then, we come into the presence of someone that is inexplicably happy in the midst of strife and turmoil. "They must be socially or mentally challenged." Maybe, but not necessarily. I think about it sometimes. Here I am, always considering this and that. Constantly striving to overcome one hurdle after another in hopes of finding that place where happiness is not quite so elusive. Exactly what will bring me happiness changes with each passing day. A lifelong journey with stops at happiness along the way. Naive people, for the most part are happy throughout their journey with short stops of reality from time to time.

Hmmmm! Kind of makes you wonder doesn't it? Naive and happy. Realistic and grumpy. It's our choice I guess. The wisdom of the ages, reinforced by recent scientific studies:

"People who simply believe they are happy are just as happy as those who really are."

I may be a bit naive here but I'm beginning to believe that. There may be something to be learned here. Don't worry, be happy!..............Joe

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