Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Aren't we simply special though?

From time to time we bump into someone who is special don't we. That's not a question, it's a fact. Someone that is specially removed and apart from the rest of civilization as far as social contact. We, as non-special citizens must cater to their specialness and/or submit our wills to their special knowledge or physical requirements. For the most part the special people have little or no affect on me and we go our separate ways without so much as a glance. I have not much problem in accommodating specialness as this is a world of differences. But humor lies in some of those differences. With your indulgence I'll mention a few. (Actually it's my blog and I'd do it with or without your indulgence whatever that is.)

On an errand to the tool store one of my purchases was a box of latex gloves. The cashier, in a loud and special voice announced to me and everyone within 4 or 5 rows of us that she was allergic to latex and couldn't touch the box of gloves. I, the customer would have to hold the box up so she could scan it and place it in a package so it didn't touch her counter top or she'd break out in some sort of rash and perhaps die from the contact with even the smallest amount of residue. Whew! Truthfully I couldn't quite understand the reasoning behind her, in my opinion excessive explanation. I also couldn't understand her abrasive attitude towards me making a simple purchase of something readily available on the shelves only a foot or two from her precious counter top. I felt as if she had been waiting all day to accuse someone of trying to kill her with a box of latex gloves. Looking at it with my own take on retail logic, I responded with my own special requirement. I am allergic to paper and ink so I cannot touch the package in which the latex gloves are held. Of course I said it in my own attention getting voice as I wanted just as much special attention as she had wanted when she began the whole thing. What are you going to do so I can buy these gloves I asked. Perhaps we should call a manager I added. She apparently was struck speechless for whatever reason because she just stood there open mouthed. I looked around and asked the next cashier to call a manager. No problem he said, I am a manager. He came over, the allergic cashier sort of sputtering without really saying anything as I explained our dilemma. The cashier cannot touch the box to sell it to me, I cannot touch the box to buy it I said. What do we do? The manager looked at the cashier, grabbed a bag, picked up the box using the bag as a glove, scanned the box and placed it in another bag and closed it and thanked me for my purchase. Explained to the open mouthed cashier that this sort of situation need not happen ever again and went back to his own cash register in a little less than a minute or two. It made me feel sort of special.

As you can see I had a special sort of day. How was your's?

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