Monday, April 30, 2012

Research and outcomes and silliness

Did ya ever notice that, no matter it is that you do, or how it is that you do it, recently there is some type of government research which determines, by experts, just how it is that you should do what it is that you do?

This morning the story was told about health professionals that denied crying new born infants of binkies. The theory was that without a binky to suck on the tiny babies would be wanting to suckle at the breast of their mom more often. It must have been, to the baby experts a great sounding idea for them to have put those new born infant babies through such trauma. With mom in the recovery room, totally dependant on the health professionals to take care of their tiny, precious little babies and what happens? Somebody ups and decides that it's time to run an experiment. Alrighty then, we'll simply pull that binky from quietly sleeping, calm and contented new borns and see what happens.

Results of test:
Baby cries
Baby fusses
Baby cries more
Baby becomes anxious
Baby loses trust
Baby remains anxious when it comes to feeding time with mom.


Do to research we all live better lives don't we? But once in a while something just sounds silly.

Other than this beauty was conducted with new born babies, it reminds me of a couple thousand other research projects that spewed whatever nonsense it is that they spewed.

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