Friday, May 4, 2012

Is America ready for a king?

The discussion between the fella's setting around the table in the neighborhood gathering place, "Maria's Breakfast Nook" was rather intense. Each morning you'll find the guys meeting there for an order of Maria's famous "Gut Busting, Man Pleasing, Mom's Style breakfast." It consists of 4 eggs, 3 pancakes, 4 sausage links, 4 slices of bacon, American fried potatoes, 4 slices of homemade toast, orange juice and coffee. Did I say that the fellas were a bit on the portly side? Besides the food they were there to solve the problems of the world. In case you didn't know, most guys are more than willing to devise a solution to any situation you may reveal. Warriors and Kings is what most guys are. Warriors and Kings have gone to war since the beginning of time to solve problems. Why would they change now?

A king is the answer, they said in unison. A look of amazement and then victory came across their faces. The solution was at hand. The words flew and buzzed back and forth like bees surrounding the hive. Why is a kingdom the answer? Common sense they said in between bites of that suculant breakfast fare. Just think about it! A kingdom has less expenses because the entire government is run by one guy. (They decided earlier that a queen just wouldn't do because they share and adapt too easily). The decisions of a kingdom would be made almost instantly because it wouldn't be watered down by a lot of politicians (hoping to be re-elected) offering a thousand other alternatives to simple questions which are most often answered by yes, or no!

They were on a roll now, the atmosphere was one of enlightment, the voices louder and the gestures more animated. The point was made that in a closely held corporation, success lasted longer and finances grew and grew because there wasn't the totally uneccessary bickering back and forth between a lot of management with unfounded feelings of empowerment. That's what government does, gives way too  much power and entitlement to people that have no other agenda beside personal gain and ego fulfillment. Ooooh! They just may have come upon a solution to our present financial quandry.

As the fellas dispersed to wherever it was they went to for the rest of the day they were satisfied that their Kings and Warriors type of wisdom, if properly implemented would make America a better place. "Elect a King, give him a bunch of warriors and quell the fury." Now, tomorrow it will all be forgotten of course and the discussion will turn to other matters such as sports, motorized tools or another topic of the day. That's the nice thing about being one of the fellas. Solutions don't necessarily have to be put into action. Even if they are profound.

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