Saturday, April 28, 2012

American history and our future

I am not a world traveler. I've been physically in only three countries, Here in the Unites States, Canada and the District of Columbia. :)  However, I do read continuously all sorts of stuff about the rest of the world. From what I read, in my opinion there is no other country that tries harder to make everyone happy, regardless of race, religion, gender or whatever else that separates us from being a common culture. If anything, it almost seems that we are constantly in a turmoil because we find it repulsive or sinful to agree on any particular life style or set of rules. We can't call each other mister, or master or miss or miz without offending ourselves. Then we turn around and describe ourselves as some type of other country American or specific lifestyle American. Everyone wants to get in on being American but they want every American to cater to their unique standard of what they feel American should be. America used to be a melting pot. I don't particularly see that as true any more. Without a clear picture of just what being American should be we are left to fend for ourselves. American can mean almost anything now a days, be it legal or illegal. Yeah, I know, now I'll get a bunch of guff for picking on illegal aliens but I'm not saying anything more than what's going on. With all  rules and standards designed to preserve our way of life up for grabs we are a country bound for internal extermination. With free interpretation of our laws by both lawmakers and the judiciary they change so often there is no security left as far as the right and wrong the American culture used to stand for. Instead of evolving and strengthening our way of life, we are de-volving into hundreds of separate mini, rogue cultures.

In our constant attempt to guarantee freedom to be whatever and whoever we want to be we have dispensed with the most important part of freedom: Standards!

Standards of right and wrong concerning just about everything:
honesty and truth
reward and punishment
you name it.

Although we all mean well when we try to accommodate the desires and needs of each and every one of us, meaning well doesn't make up for the loss of a common standard we can all count on to establish how we can all live together. No sir ee! In school history class the teachers, all of them stressed how the past is always a mirror of the future be it learn from mistakes or be required to repeat them. "The pendulum swings."  I wonder if I will See it swing back?

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