Monday, April 23, 2012

First goal complete

Red Skelton, the comedian used to say: "I dood it!" After yesterday I can say that too.

Yesterday I jumped on the bicycle and rode off on my first step of my dream of repeating my walk around Lake Michigan almost 50 years ago. I set no records! But am gratified in the knowledge that it has begun and 15 miles are behind me and I actually "Got out of Dodge." Human limitations and misjudgment being what they are I feel it was a most successful experience. It's been a while since I rode enough to turn my legs to rubber. I find that changing the trip from a disciplined, single event time line to a more flexible, step by step staggered series of small trips is a more realistic dream.

My ride began with the temps in the mid 40's and the wind in my face at 15mph gusting to 35 at times. Level pathways and roads posed no significant problem although the wind gusts slowed me to a snail's pace at times. Then came "the hill" about halfway that seemed to rise forever. I'm thinking it may stretch a half mile although it felt like two miles. By the time I reached the top I was totally aware that I wasn't about to reach Lake Michigan on my first day. The trip ended for safety reasons at fifteen miles and the Western outskirts of town in Standale. Every trip needs a beginning. Mine has begun.

"I dood it!".........................Joe

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