Friday, December 9, 2011

Mourning and moving on. High school Basketball

Almost a year ago a terrible thing happened: After a final shot to win a basketball game, a Fennville basketball, player died, right there on the court. It would be next to impossible to describe the feelings of his fellow players and his family at that awful moment. Yet, the team went on to play again. The headlines have continued to this day regarding the teams efforts. The deceased player's name is Wes Leonard. May he rest in peace. Every time Fennville's basketball team is mentioned, the name of Wes Leonard is also included. It must be very difficult for the team to constantly go on in his shadow. He was an incredible person as well as a player from what I read. An excellent example to every one around him. What wonderful memories that must conjure up for his family and those that knew and played basketball with him. Sometimes I wonder how impossible it must seem for anyone to live up to his image both on the court and off. It's almost as if losing would be an insult to his memory or winning is only a result of Wes's influence, not the dedication of those left behind.

I don't pretend to understand fully the horror behind this story. However, when I see those players head onto the court, practically nameless behind the legacy of a fallen player I can't help but imagine the courage they must have to be there. My hat goes off to them and I wish them success and fulfillment as the brave individuals they are. I hope the fans show them the personal support they deserve. I can't think of a greater gift after what they've gone through and tribute to Wes's memory and his family. That's what life is about, life is for the living, we mourn and then move on.

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