Monday, December 5, 2011

Triple Mocha, extra Espresso, whipped Cream

I shouldn't be drinking high caffeine drinks, right? Neither should I eat meat, put salt on my food, eat fruit, have more than two beers or even munch on a candy bar. From what we read, just about everything is dangerous at some point or another. Recently I was watching a program that dealt with unusual health threats. One of them was drinking too much water can cause some sort of drowning process. What was that again? I'm beginning to fear most any type of nourishment. This morning I decided to stop at the specialty coffee shop just around the corner and get a Triple Mocha with an extra shot of Espresso. It's been about three months since my last one and it sure sounded good on a cool crisp morning just to jump start the day don't ya know. A very nice, middle aged couple was about to enter the shop behind me so I opened the door for them and let them in first. They went right to the counter in front of me and proceeded to order. "Two single de-caf's, no sugar, no cream. One plain bagel, steamed, not toasted, sliced in half to share equally." Along with a few other comments, taking several minutes while they discussed the health benefits of their choices with each other while I waited as patiently as possible. This after I had allowed them in the door instead of being first in line. (They hadn't thanked me.) They were skinny and pale looking. I'd say somewhere in their late 40's or early 50's. He had sunken eyes and wrinkled skin while she was so bundled up she almost waddled. When they finally finished and moved on I ordered my high intensity Mocha with a little whipped cream on top. The waddling lady gasped in shock. After I paid and waited by the table for them to make it the wrinkled guy came up and quietly whispered in my ear that sugary, creamy, caffeinated Mocha could very well lead to heart disease. I was a little taken aback but responded that it was OK, I already had heart disease. I'm not exactly sure why I said it but it was spontaneous and not well thought out. However, the look on his face was priceless.

I do not make fun of life threatening diseases. I really didn't then either. I was just making the best of a situation I wasn't accustomed to. I am enjoying this Mocha, guilt free. I espouse to the theory that moderation in all things ingested is the best policy: Savor the treat and move on. If I had one every day it would be a different story. I'm not particularly interested in paying for a bland de-caf or tasteless steamed bagel either. I appreciated the man's concern for my health but at the same time I didn't chastise either of them for their poor manners which I deem as important also. Meanwhile, I will trust in my good judgement as to the type of nourishment that passes my lips.

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