Wednesday, November 16, 2011


One of the most annoying things I have to deal with on any given day as a business man is telephone solicitations. Business phones aren't able to be protected by the "Do not call list" It's a pitty. Don't get me wrong here. As a fellow tax payer and working person, I am happy for them and everyone concerned that they are working and paying bills. I also believe that many businesses get some really great deals from them. But to me they are an ever increasing annoyance and major interruption to my ability to earn a living myself. And maybe it's not so much that they call be all day long but more so in the disrespectful way they talk to me. Here are a couple examples:

"Hey, this is Jack, let me talk to my old buddy Joe?" I acknowledge that I am Joe. Then he proceeds to tell me he has a real deal for me but first he attempts to tell me a dirty joke, just between us guys. I hung up without further comment. He calls back and swears at me for hanging up and then hangs up himself when I asked who he worked for.

"Hi, this is Pamella, my goodness but you have a friendly voice Joe. Are you guys as busy as you were last year when I called?" Assuming she was a customer I answered that yes we were but still had room for more. "Oh, that's good to hear Joe. I have a wonderful way for you to save hundreds of dollars on your credit card transactions." I replied that I was set and didn't want to discuss the matter. Please take me off their list and do not call again. Seemingly caught off guard she said rather pointedly, "Who do you think you are talking to me that way? You're a real jerk!" Then hung up.

"Can I talk to the person responsible for paying your gas bill? I have an issue of immediate concern regarding your monthly payment." Concerned, I say that I am the one responsible thinking there is some problem with a check or something. "You sir are paying more for your gas each month than you should. Tell me, how much do you pay a month?" What? I ask. I thought you were from the gas company. "I am from such and such cooperative and I am calling to save you hundreds of dollars by joining our co-op." I say I am not interested in discussing the matter ands would they please take me off their list. "What kind of fool doesn't want to discuss saving money?" He said. and hung up.

"Hello, this is Marcia. Are you an owner, manager or employee of the company?" Yes, I'm the owner I said. "Well sir, I can sell you triple x rated movies for pennies on the dollar." I am not at all interested in triple x movies and would they please take me off their list and not call again. "Am I correct in hearing you say you don't like pretty women sir? Are you gay? I have those movies too." Take me off your list and don't call again. "OK sir, maybe this isn't a good time for you. I'll call some other time." She never heard a word I said did she?

One of the common factors besides being annoying is none of them ever asked if I had time to listen. My time is the most valuable thing I have. Because of that I have made a vow to never, ever buy anything, for any purpose from a telemarketer. Never. Even though some of what they say is kinda funny.

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