Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Spam and fake college degrees, again.

Boy, they've got my number now. Those spammers I mean. A short while back I posted about advertisements for custom crafted high school and college diplomas. That's all it took. Every morning since, my mailbox is chock full of advertisements for my very own Ivy league diploma. All signed by the president, my name emblazoned across the front and set in a frame and everything. Can you believe it? Every stinkin day I'm bombarded with that junk. It must be some robot picked up the specific wording description from my posting and now has begun a relentless assault to make a sale. I will persist and send those pesky things to the spam police, every time! We will see who prevails in this war on fraudulent diplomas. (They do look kind of nice though.)

Spam is just another form of stalking I think. Unwanted attention or advances to the point of making me feel in danger. If the robot can infiltrate my email like that, and reporting it to the spam police doesn't stop it, then what is left to do? Take a hammer to my computer screen! But even if I do that the spam is still inside it waiting to point out that I deserve a new diploma. At one time, a long, long time ago, I created another email address with another server. I mean, what the heck, they're free, why not? I did it just in case I got contaminated on my regular address. I've never, ever told anyone about it neither just to be safe. I checked it this morning. Guess what? There is a mailbox full of diploma offers there too. That's just how smart that robot is ya know.

So is the life of a neophyte in the use and understanding of the Internet. Learning how to deal with such things keeps me sharp lest I grow bored. Being a student of the old ways makes me feel a little creepy though, like someone is watching my every key stroke. Reminds me of what a peeping Tom does with my computer being the window. Hey. wait a minute, I do use windows!

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