Friday, November 18, 2011

My trusty old Ghinsu Knife

Every day, on at least two or three TV shows a commercial would appear demonstrating the durability of a fantastic kitchen tool: The indestructible, never goes dull, guaranteed for life: Ginsu Knife! A chef type guy wearing one of those puffy white hats and kitchen vest would go through a half dozen almost unbelievable maneuvers with that unwieldy appearing utensil. Cutting wood, slicing cheese, carving a turkey, chopping onions, then turned to sawing a nail in half before doing delicate food preparation once again. Nah! I thought. No way any knife could do all that and remain sharp. Guess what? I had to try it.

Over 40 years ago I decided to buy a genuine Ginsu Knife and check it out. After all, the advertisement stated that if I wasn't satisfied I could return it and get double my money back. Since then I've done enough testing to fill hours and hours of commercials. I don't know if they even sell them anymore. (Guaranteed the spyware folks will send me an email if they do) A few examples if we may:

I trimmed and cut down a 6 inch tree.
I trimmed the grass overgrowing my sidewalk.
I cut and chopped the seven evergreen bushes surrounding my house and dug out the roots too.
I sawed a dozen two by fours in half when my power saw burned up.
I slit a sixteenth inch thick steel panel to attach to my truck.
I carved a turkey, actually about ten or twenty turkeys and a boat load of chickens too.
I sliced onions, lettuce, ham, roast beef and cucumbers.
I chopped garlic and quartered tomatoes and modeled pumpkins for Halloween.
I cut rubber radiator hose and fuel line repairing my car.
I sliced fresh baked bread and divided hot cross buns.
I cut up cardboard boxes for my kids school project.
I cut logs in half for the campfire.
I scaled, filleted and dressed freshly caught bluegills, perch, bass and walleye.

Yesterday, I took that forty year old, never been sharpened, flawless appearing, shiny Ginsu knife and cut slices of tomato so thin you could see through them.

Now, I tell you, That was the best $19.95 plus shipping I ever spent.

The reason I bring this up is, every time I use it and am impressed by its durability I wonder what you and everyone else that bought a Ginsu Knife has done with them. Has anyone ever destroyed one? I've tried and failed. Just where is your Ginsu Knife anyway? When was the last time you used it? Whats the biggest, strangest, most unbelievable task you've accomplished with that trusty old Ginsu Knife? I wonder if they still make them.

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