Friday, October 28, 2011

Spam and fake college degrees, again.

Spam is all over the place and apparently thriving. This Internet is worldwide and there are electronic devices gathering information as I type. There is no escape and we have to stay on our best behavior and mind what we say.

A couple days ago I wrote a posting regarding college diploma's for sale. Name your college, your desired degree and they'll make it up, put your name on it, mail it to you and there you are, a college graduate. Evidently the trusty spam gleaning machine was turned on full blast because my email boxes were chock full of offers: Doctorates, Master's, Business, Psychology, Mathematics etc, etc, etc. For just a few dollars and a little ingenuity I could appear to be an extremely educated man in a very short time.

It wouldn't work. At least in my case. An Einstein I ain't and everyone knows it. Besides, the guilt factor would surely bring me to the edge of total mental collapse. No wise cracks about the mental thing OK? I do wonder how someone else pulls it off though. Maybe if they moved into a new city and had no friends or relatives in the immediate area and they put it on the wall right away no one would question it. However, what if it is from like Harvard or Yale and someone that went there started asking questions about the classes or instructors or the Fraternities. The one trying to pull a fast one would be dead meat. Is a fake degree worth the gamble?

Lying is it's own punishment. A liar can never stop thinking ahead of them self. They can never rest and have to watch everything they say. This Madof character is in the slammer because he is a liar. I wonder if he has any fake degrees in finance? No, there is no faux degree in my future. But once again we see that the Internet is not a safe and secure place. Be on your toes and alert or the spam will overwhelm you.

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