Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pain of unemployment

A television ad designed to promote a pain reliever for arthritis points out that a body at rest, tends to stay at rest. A body in motion tends to stay in motion. I think most of us agree on that premise. From personal experience I would also add that a body in motion, in most cases feels a great deal less pain. Pheromones or something like that. On the subject of pain, extensive research has determined that artificial pain relievers, if used extensively can cause side effects as bad or worse than the original pain. "The cure is worse than the bite." I think the old saying goes.

There are huge numbers of us that are unemployed right now. It can be an extremely painful experience. The government is doing all sorts of things to help make it better. There is a lot of finger pointing as to who is at fault for the prolonged unemployment. According the the news headlines there doesn't seem to be a lot of introspective thought as far as to just what the curative solutions have done to aggravate the situation.

How about if we compare the TV ad for a pain reliever to the cures for unemployment.:

Pain relievers will offer relief so we can start a little at a time to move again and the movement itself will bring more relief so we need less pain reliever which will help our overall health which will help with more movement and so on and so forth. We become as healthy as we can.

Or; Pain relievers will bring us relief and we will continue to rest and sit and rely completely on the pain relievers which will in turn cause more health issues which cause us to move even less and experience even more pain. Our health continuously spirals downward.

We have a the dilemma:

Completely relying on government assistance to survive and waiting for more assistance and becoming more and more bitter and blaming others for not helping.

Or; Accepting our situation and using whatever is available to get ourselves moving in a direction of providing for our own needs through whatever independent means are available, one step upward at a time.

It's only a theory but definitely food for thought. Unemployment can be devastating. There is no pie in the sky, painless answer. But it's amazing what happens when we use our energy constructively.

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