Wednesday, October 26, 2011

College degrees fast, cheap and easy

I'm the first one to admit that sometimes I take the easy way out. Sometimes, but not often. In cooking I have been known to buy cake mix in a box, just add water. Casserole mix for dinner, just add hamburger. Stuff like that. After attending an exercise class for 2 months I was overwhelmed with other activity so I quit and bought a work out DVD to use at home instead. Perhaps we all can admit to a short cut or two from time to time. But some things just shouldn't be cut short.

While working on the computer yesterday the pop up on the right of the screen touted a college degree for busy working people. "Don't have time for class?" it asked. Duh! I thought. "Short on funds to further your education?" it also asked. Double Duh! I thought. "Get an affordable Business diploma in a short time." The banner read. Then the ad scrolled a list of college diplomas available in various professions. "Fill out the form, name the college of my choice, choose the degree or degrees I want to display to my friends, pay my money and within a few short days I will receive a "genuine looking, indiscernible from an original", sheepskin to hang on the wall for all to see. "A reason for me to feel proud."..................Proud of what?

There must be a market out there for these faux degrees but it seems to me that there must be something a bit illegal about them. There were doctorate degrees for heaven's sake. I'm going to double check any new doctors I visit maybe. I signed off the computer after the work was done. When I signed back on later the ad was gone and I couldn't find it so maybe it was a spam thing. So much for my becoming a law professor this week.

Brings to mind the ad for spray cologne or perfume that touts the ability to make people trust you. No need to develop a moral life style of integrity. Simply spray on the trust and go about your business. I've seen some folks that don't realize the spray doesn't work when you speak on TV or radio.

Short cuts. In some cases there ought to be a law......................Trust me on that one.

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