Sunday, August 28, 2011

What happened to Sunday?

This morning, before the sun rose I was startled by a strange, loud, very irritating noise. I went outside into the dim predawn light and had a look around. A neighbor a few doors down had a table saw in his driveway and was cutting up some 2X4's and plywood panels by a floodlight on his garage....................Am I that out of touch with the times that I didn't catch the part about Sunday morning no longer being a time to respect your neighbors quiet time whatever they may choose to use it for? I suppose it was bound to happen what with the wide diversity we have today. There are no norms or boundaries to go by any more. The idea of Sunday being a day of rest went out the window a long time ago I know but somehow I held onto the idea that it meant something meaningful in these sometimes confusing times. Something we could hold onto. And, at the very least have at least one solitary day where we could sleep in. Not any more!

Lawn mowers are being fired up by 8am, loud radios by 9am and the telephone solicitors ringing off the hook by 9am also. What to do? What to do? After serious meditation, prayer and consideration I have decided I will drown out all that cacophony with an unmistakable silence. Yup! That's what I'm going to do. Stay just as quiet and respectful of every one else as I always have. They just might see something in there that they like..........SSHH!

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