Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Lions, tigers, bears, snakes and people too

A few years back someone scheduled a female comedian to sing the national anthem at a baseball game. She scratched and spit and made fun of baseball and the players. People were so aghast at such a disrespectful spectacle. Her response, "What'd they expect, I'm a comedian." I agree.

There is a story from the past about a guy walking up a mountain, just above the freeze line he comes across a snake dying from the cold. "Please sir, wrap me in your cloak and carry me down to the warm place below or I will certainly die." The guys says, "You are a snake, if I put you in my cloak you will bite me and I will die." The snake replies, "No, I will not bite you, you are saving my life." The guy relents, picks up the freezing snake, wraps him in his cloak and carries him down to the warm place farther down the mountain. When the guy pulls the snake out to place him on the ground the snake bites him and fills him with poisonous venom. As he is laying on the ground dying the guys asks the snake, "Why did you bite me? I saved your life and you promised not to bite." As he slowly writhed away, the snake looked back and said, "You knew I was a snake! What did you expect?"

There was a guy who lived up in Alaska and hung around with Grizzly bears, he did it for years. He felt that they were misunderstood and he knew the secret to getting along with grizzly bears. I saw a picture of what those misunderstood grizzly bears did to him when they got tired of being understood. They had a picnic. It was terrible. A popular lion tamer with an act in Los Vegas was attacked by one of his lions or maybe it was a tiger but either way he was almost killed. This guy wasn't surprised though. He was almost killed has been physically maimed for the rest of his life. His response, "He's a wild cat. I knew it could happen and it did, It wasn't the cat's fault."

Throughout life we all come face to face with people that have shown themselves to be lions, tigers, bears or snakes. We hear stories of how this person did this or did that. "But I trusted them!" We say. A person was sitting on the witness stand, the prosecutor asked her, "You've lied time after time all through this trial. Why should we believe you now?" The witness answered, "Because this time I'm telling then truth."??????

I think it's good to remember that:
A grizzly bear is better off being understood from a distance.
A snake is better off being allowed to die in the snow than to bite you where its' warm.
A comedian is better off not singing the national anthem.
A liar is better off not being trusted, ever.

In our dealings with people in politics, religion, relationships, and families we may wish to remember that if they look, talk and act like a snake, bear, tiger or lion, they probably are. It's more important that we understand that than if they are understood. Yeah, I think so.

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