Saturday, April 30, 2011

Finding America's most important person

Talk about elusive! This important guy I'm looking for moves so fast from one place to another, so fast and yet manages to affect almost every facet of our lives here in the good old U.S. of A. Only a couple of weeks ago he popped up in Arizona, then disappeared without a trace as fast as the wink of an eye. He did have his say though and some people were humbles by it, maybe even humiliated but I'm not sure, that's a personal thing isn't it. His influence was unmistakable even in seeming failure.

How can he move around so fast and still get the job done? It's like he can be in several places at the same time. Confusing to say the least. This week he's been in Michigan but I haven't gotten a clear understanding of exactly what he's up to. He mostly does his thing behind closed doors before we find out for sure what happens next. It's like this conspiracy stuff I read and hear about. But then again, most people don't believe in conspiracy theories. I'm just trying to find the guy. As I said, it's all a riddle to me but I shall persist in my quest.

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