Sunday, May 1, 2011

Power over all of us

Oh, My Gosh! The more I look into finding the most powerful person in America, the more I find out about just how powerful he is. So much so that in the past few years alone he has changed the way we eat, how we drive our cars and how we raise our children. Not simply influenced mind you, but actually changed those things. Think about that for a minute...............................

All of that and so much more he's accomplished and I still haven't found out just where he hangs his hat at any given time. He's all over the place and pops up seemingly at will and random. Usually he brings change small or large to our daily lives. On top of that, once he's changed something, it almost never goes back to the way it was.

I think you can begin to see why I want to meet this guy. Why does he do all of these things? Just who does he think he is? When I find him maybe I can understand why he uses his power so much and how he got all that power in the first place. So much power in the hands of one person is kind of scary. I want to know if it is actually a conspiracy or quite another thing entirely. For the time being we all live under his rule. And we're supposed to be an example of individual freedom to the rest of the world. I do think I may be closing in though.

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