Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Lake Michigan walk and Joe's Story

In "Joe's Story: The Book of a Lifetime" one of the chapters covers my trek around Lake Michigan. It was an adventure of such massive proportions I'll never forget. Loreen Niewenhuis did it too. She has recorded her experience in a book titled: "A 1000 Mile Walk on the Beach" From what I've read in the Grand Rapids Press yesterday it's sure to be a good read. I just finished emailing my congratulations to her on her accomplishments.

I walked around Lake Michigan in 1964. I was just being a young man trying to find himself. I had no intention of writing about it. She and I had completely different reasons and I believe I will learn much about the Lake from her perspective as an adult. I also walked around in one complete event. She broke it up into 10 segments. I road a bus through Chicago and Gary because I didn't want the hassle or the stench of such a congested area. She walked through there too. It is our differences throughout the whole project that interests me. We saw the same Lake. But, at different times, under differing circumstances, with different agendas, at different ages. I want to see the picture she's drawn.

Sometime in the future, depending on responsibilities and life in general, my goal is to ride a bicycle around Lake Michigan. A mishap with my leg and ankle have pretty much eliminated my ability to walk around but I can ride a bike anywhere. I look forward to it and the plans are being formed as I write here.

So I congratulate Loreen and wish her well. Her next goal is to walk around all 5 of the Great Lakes. I say, "Go for it!" I offer my encouragement and good wishes.

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