Thursday, March 24, 2011

demonstrations, "Joe's Story" and rationality

The pages of "Joe's Story: The Book of a Lifetime" are filled with rewards and penalties resulting from the decisions I and other people made in our lives. I am personally not fond of penalties but they are as much a part of living as anything else aren't they? Over time I've witnessed my share of demonstrations by those who feel they are being penalized in one way or another and it's not fair. History tells us that sometimes the demonstrators are right, but it also tells us that sometimes they are wrong. Have you ever participated in a public demonstration? Personally, I believe the right to demonstrate is an incredibly efficient way of expressing dissatisfaction with the status quo or those in positions of responsibility. Today we have no difficulty in finding a demonstration of some kind on the local, national or world news do we? Egypt is changing hands due to demonstrating crowds of citizens. Several other countries in the general area including Libya are experiencing the same civil insurrection. All of this will no doubt change the way business is handled in a big way. My questions: Both here in the States and abroad, "Are the demonstrators necessarily right? Will all the results necessarily bring rewards? Or, will they possibly bring major penalties? I think these are important questions to answer before we go sticking our foot in our mouth supporting someone Else's position.

Right here in Michigan people are demonstrating against some of the positions taken by our new governor concerning taxation. Usually the ones demonstrating are going to see a little less take home pay than they do now. Accompanied by some citizens that are being almost completely supported by taxes and will have to take on more responsibility for supporting themselves. In Wisconsin the demonstrators are rallying against paying for some of their own benefits from a tax base provided by tax payers with ever decreasing incomes. In Egypt the demonstrators wanted a different government. In Libya they want a different government. Those are just some of the reasons for recent demonstrations.

Are some people exempt from participating in this recession because they draw their money from the public coffers? Are some people unfairly taxed? Is it our position to stand behind a new government even if we don't have the vaguest idea who will be in charge and what they will do? How quickly should we defend demonstration simply because demonstrating is what we believe to be a fundamental right? there is an annual "naked" demonstration supporting public nudity, anywhere, anytime. Do you support that? Another annual demonstration supports legalization of pedophilia. How about that? In the Middle East several demonstrations support strict religious laws suppressing the rights of almost anyone under the penalty of death or dismemberment. demonstrations in India and Pakistan support the caste system, in South Africa they support genocide.

I support the right of all of us to do proper research, gather information and make rational decisions. Then we will reap our rewards or penalties without blaming it on others. "Joe's Story" is filled with that sort of thing. I'm just asking.........Joe

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