Monday, June 21, 2010

World Cup and the Vuvuzela

The vuvuzela is an instrument of God. That agonizingly noisy horn that is constantly being blown at the World Cup soccer matches is a reminder of the sacrifices, trials and tribulations of the African people over the centuries. According to Tinyko Maluleke speaking at an international ecumenical meeting. I'm glad I found out about that. The constant bleating has certainly lowered my enjoyment of the games as well as my ability to understand what is being said by the moderators. To the point of interfering with the game itself. Actually the disturbing noise has caused me to totally withdraw from watching the soccer matches whatsoever. I mean no disrespect to the horn blowers and the statement they need to make to the rest of the world. If that's what they need to do then I respect their right to do that in their country. However, I as a visitor in hopes of true enjoyment of competition between the best of the best choose to not submit myself to the never ending barrage of annoyance and take advantage of my channel changing expertise and move on to some other type of entertainment. Baseball, Nascar, Dragracing, and the food channel come to mind.

Bearing in mind that I completely respect a person's right to demonstrate against oppression, I fail to see the oppressive nature of being allowed to host an international event of such far reaching proportions. That's not my idea of a welcoming attitude. If I invite someone to my house I bend over backwards to show them that I appreciate their company. If they would be spending money for which I would receive a benefit I would darn well put my best foot forward in order to reap the harvest and expect them to return again wouldn't you? I particularly would avoid annoying my visitors every moment of the day and night.

I am not a world traveler. I will not, in this life be visiting South Africa in person. It matters not to me when, how, or where they blow their own horns. It's no skin off my nose. But, thanks to the miracle of television I am put in the position of learning more about that country. Thanks to the vuvuzela I will not be learning as much as I'd hoped to and I'll be turning my TV back to the good old reliable golf channel. Thank you very much. I guess this will be one more world cup I'll be reading about instead of watching............................Joe

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