Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Fremont Nebraska and illegal immigration

Fremont Nebraska has a new law regarding illegal immigrants. Big news! Arizona has a new law regarding illegal immigrants. It's getting to be a little less of a big story. Everyone is getting used to hearing it aren't they? Most of the news stories center on the hardships those laws are causing to immigrants in general. But, the root cause of these laws is being dismissed as inconsequential and trivial. I wonder why that is? Laws are designed to protect us from eminent danger of something aren't they? Robbery, reckless driving, injury or murder, property rights, stuff like that. I think we all agree that we need to be protected from danger by our laws. It sounds like the protesters against these stiff illegal immigration laws don't see any danger in illegal immigration. I guess their question is: Does illegal immigration actually pose a danger to our safety and way of life? Let's see.

In the black and white words of the law: Anyone, if not regulated good or bad can sneak across the border. Anyone, if not regulated can sneak across the border with illegal drugs. Anyone sneaking across the border into this country unregulated is breaking the law. Therefore they are a criminal. The federal law is very explicit in that. There are just so many people our country and it's already strained welfare and health system can support. If someone uses any of our social benefits illegally they are taking them away from our legal citizens. In other words, our citizens are having their way of life altered and deteriorated by 11 million illegal immigrants. Our benefits are being stolen from us illegally. Our lives and safety are being jeopardized by drugs and gangs and criminals who are here illegally.

Are all illegal immigrants bad people, criminals, robbers, murderers, or drug dealers? No, some of them are very likable! However, they are all illegal. If they got here by breaking a huge federal law with no consequences what is there to encourage them to honor any other law, big or small? We are a nation of laws. Take them away and we cease being a nation at all. I wonder if Will Smith will star in a movie that shows us how to solve the problem?........Joe

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